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Albert"Madd Creole"Redeaux 

 Albert Joseph Redeaux III ( Born October 8, 1970), known professionally as Madd Creole is an American hip-hop R&B/Soul music producer, musician, entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, video music producer, and record label owner and CEO. 

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Albert is known for his role as a hip-hop pioneer in Texas, he is regarded as the underground legend of the Texas sound. Madd Creole’s underground production style has been copied by producer thru out the South.

Vintage Electric Guitar

Albert Joseph Redeaux III was born at Brackenridge hospital in Austin, Texas on October 8, 1970 a son of two parents who were professional blues musician/singers. His father Albert Joseph Redeaux Jr (Frer) was born in Lafayette Louisiana and moved to Houston Texas 5th ward when he was a child


. Albert’s mother Ceola Marie Arnold (little Marie) was born in Taylor, Texas and grew up in Burnet, Texas before relocating to Austin, Texas. Albert’s father and Clarence Green formed the band blues for two and began touring with little Richard, Ike & Tina Turner and Lil Johnny Taylor as well as others. Albert’s mother and father began touring together but divorced when Albert was 4 months old.


Albert’s mother re married Albert’s step father United States Air Force Master Sgt Finnis Eugene Carter Jr when Albert was 6 months old.  Albert grew up Bergstrom Air force base as a child. At age 8 he moved to the Colony Park neighborhood in north east Austin. After remarrying Alberts mother stopped playing music and became a nurse and later would acquire her (Master degree in physiology.


After Albert was arrested as a minor at age 12 for a variety of charges, the family moved to Loyola /Manor road in Northeast Austin. In 1984 Albert began going to Pearce Jr high school where he meet child hood friends musician, songriter & producer CJ Roland and rapper Major William Henderson aka Maj-Dogg.

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The two began doing talent shows together combining Albert singing with Major rapping doing gigs at Liberty Lunch, school talent shows and house party’s as well as gigs in Austin famous 6th street. In 1986


Albert began attending LBJ High school and formed a band / singing group that featured singers Doug Mathis, Tashia Thompson, John Robinson, Patrick Cook (DJ PAT LUV) on Drums and Erica Davis on Saxophone. The group was formed in choir class encourage and funded by Alberts musical mentor choir director Mr. Chuck Ament. The group performed in Malls, School district banquets, talent shows, Liberty Lunch & Givens Recreation Center. Between 1984-1988 Albert would meet other legendary Austin music pioneers: Givens Director & singer songwriter Lloyd Ellison, Erica Sodie (Mz Dank from Rap group Cooley Girls, Don Jennings, Plow Boys, DJ Casanova Fly and Project Crew, DJ/ producer DJ Martin, DJ producer Wink D, and Video, film Austin pioneer Abe Cortez. While still in high school Albert also began playing keyboards and singing with his older cousin guitarists Carl Arnold who added Albert to his country/Tejano/ r&b / rock & blues band King Crab which toured the state of Texas opening gigs for Legendary blues pioneer Joe Valentine and his brothers as well as Tejano Legends Little Joe & Charro Negro. Unfortunately, Albert became a high school dropout at age 17 but went back to school and was accepted into a school for at risk dropouts (Zenith Program Evening High school) and returned to school and received his high school diploma within a year.

Trumpet Player
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After graduating from High school early in 1988. Albert then joined the U.S Navy May 1st 1989. Albert was stationed on USS Scranton SSN 756 nuclear submarine in Newport News Virginia. Albert also had the privilege to ride the USS Cincinnati, USS Norfolk, & the USS New Port News. Albert is a Panama / Gulf War Veteran honorably discharged due to an accident that left him scared from 3rd degree burns.

Making Music

After an honorable discharge Albert returned to Austin and began working for local record shop called Sound Warehouse. This is where Albert would learn the ends and outs of music distribution, sales and marketing. Also at this time Albert began hanging with Austin Pioneers producers Wink D & DJ Casanova fly, who began showing Albert how to use SP 1200 and EPS 16 plus samplers. In 1992 another childhood friend & music producer Gary Bullard told Albert & Major that they should go visit his cousin in California who was producing music for Hit 80’s Pop artist Jay King from the group Club Nouveau. Albert, and Major while preparing to leave for California teamed up with family friend John ( Dolla ) Beal and Demethia Mcvea to created a group called Redeaux. They pressed up 1000 copies of  a two song demo cassette tape and drove to California. While in California Alberts Uncle Kerry & Cousin Stella booked Albert & Major to performed at the Iconic Birdland West in downtown long beach. Albert and & Major would end up staying two months while hanging out with just starting out comedians & musicians who would become legends in the future like Ricky Harris, TP Hearn, the tonight show band & other BET /Def Comedy jam Comics. 

After Albert & Major returned from California in 1992. Albert, Major & family friend John “Dolla” Beal hatched a plan to begin building a state-of-the-art recording studio in Alberts new house. The Iconic studio located at 1601 Wheels lane in Northeast Austin would give birth to a whole generation of urban artist from Austin. Albert would not only produce his own labels music but he made it affordable for countless local artist to get there music professionally record mixed & mastered. Albert would also be the leading voice in getting local artist albums placed in local record stores for consignment. In late 1992 A-Town Variety Records Inc. (ATV) was officially opened.

12 May 1994, 80 - Austin American-States
Drum & Symbol

Albert & John official signed its first three artist Albert, Major (Maj- Dogg) & Mary (Skitz) Stephen’s. Immediately they began touring the state and started creating a buzz. In 1994 Gavin Lance from the Austin American Statesman began covering the emerging hip-hop scene in Austin. Albert Redeaux released his first underground r&b album titled Love Jones and they began pressing Cassettes & CD's and selling them exclusively at shows.  Albert was honored to be nominated for Austin Music Award for Best Soul/Hip-Hop artist which he lost to friend and Austin Icon MC Overlord.  

12 May 1994, 80 - Austin American-States
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Albert began to make noise in the industry at one event Alberts performance caught the eye of Legendary hip-hop Icon, Pioneer dancer, manager & Choreographer Carlena (Crazy-Cee) Gourdine from Crazy Cee Productions Based in Brooklyn N.Y.

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Cee Cee became Albert  managers. Albert began touring with major concerts opening for major artist Silkk, Ginuwine, 2 Live Crew and others.

Drum Kit

But tragedy struck the label with the death of Alberts childhood friend and Rap artist Major (Maj- Dogg) Henderson. Albert continued to tour despite grieving for his friend.

DJ Mixer

After Major's death and as the 90’s were coming to a close the label began to change. Although ATV was beginning to find success with the help of supporters like Steve Savage ( KAZI FM program manager ) as well as DJ Jay Hunt & South Paw, DJ Red, DJ Teddy Bear, DJ White Brother, DJ Please, DJ Dinky D, James Grey, DJ Bone, DJ Pepper DJ Toren Morrison, Andy Cyphers & Bone Beat 102.3 FM & Marion Nickerson (KAZI /ACTV). At this time founding member John (Dolla ) Beal and Alberts manager Cee Cee parted ways. Albert decided to stopped touring as a solo artist to focus on producing albums & tracks for new ATV artist as well as outside entities.

In 2000 ATV released a series of new underground projects the PMC 2000, A-Town Variety family & Big Chop Its About Time albums. PMC 2000 and A-Town Variety Family featured PMC, ICE, Big Bad, Lil Blue Mowett, J Massiah, Cin-A-Mon aka Crystal Cain and Big Chop. Big Chop debut album Its About Time featured Paul wall, Down Low & the (PVC) Pervert clique.

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In the early 2000 Albert & Vanessa Silas ( Millennium Youth Complex ) partnered with Casey Monahan ( Texas Music Office ) Andy Cyphers 102.3 The Beat FM & Steve Savage Program Director 88.7 FM KAZI to bring to Austin the 1st Urban Music Festival. The music conference was a great success bringing industry professional's and concerts to Austin inner city.


By this time Albert began expanding his production company adding interns from University of Texas & Houston Tillson colleges. Albert who not only played, mixed, mastered and song hooks on the majority of the companies catalog. So to bring a better blend of voices to give the albums better sounds. Albert created his own version of the famous Motown session players the Funk Brothers but instead of musicians Albert gathered great singers to sing backgrounds on all of the ATV released albums. The most notable singers were Austin legendary vocalist Keith (Down Low) Davis & Shaunda (Suga) Davis, who would sing on the majority of hooks along side Albert.

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A Boot on Stage

Later Albert would add great singers /songwriters Tina, Samantha Love, & Dallas TX songstress Adrienne to the mix. One of the 1st well known albums that Albert produced tracks for outside of ATV was the very first Austin & Houston Texas hip-hop collaboration album. The Iconic album (2002) Sam Huston Boys (Stay Real). The Album featured Austin legendary Iconic rappers Sam Huston Boys Ajax, Lil Buzzy, Lil Breazy and also Austin Legendary rapper MC Fatel. The Texas landmark album also featured Houston's legendary Iconic S.U.C. (Screwed Up Click ) Members. Lil KeKe, Zero, Big Moe, Big Bokey, ESG, Tyte Eyes, Grace, Mr 3.2. Al G. & Houston legend Slim Thug. 

live dj

Then he was asked to produce more tracks on Lil Breazy of Sam Huston boys next project titled (Checkmate). By this time most of the Houston acts were blowing up, some even going platinum such as SUC's Big Moe, Lil Flip, Hawk, Paul Wall & Lil Keke who were all featured on the widely successful album. One of the most notible tracks on the album is a track that features Breazy and ATV's ICE.  

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Hip Hop Dancer on Stage

Fast forward to 2006 Albert would take all his best hip-hop well known tracks he produced from the 1990's  -2006 and put all them on one Critically acclaimed compilation album Titled Madd Creole the (Underground Legend). This project features Austin & Houston Legendary artist from S.U.C Lil KeKe, Big Moe, ESG, Big Poke & Lil Flip to Austin Iconic Legendary rappers Lil Breazy & Sam Huston Boys ( Block Bleedaz)  O.G. Big Swole, Big Chop, Angel Pimptalk 101, EA TX, Cin A Mon, SBF Clique (PMC) Lil Blue & Big Bad & Down Low ( Carnival Beats ) Stacy Russell as well as Houston Legends ( Swishahouse }  Paul Wall, ( S.L.A.A.B & D3G ) Lil B and Houston legend Dougie D. 

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In the 2000 Albert also began managing and touring with his artist ICE & Cin A Mon and later securing an independent distribution deal with Southwest Wholesale.

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Concert Crowd

Creole's artist ICE, Cin-A-Mon aka Crystal Caine & PMC toured & opened shows all over the United States. In the early 2000 Albert and Cin A-Mon aka Crystal Cain rapper/car show model begin crisscross the country on tour with the Lowrider & Heat Wave Car Show. In 2004 Cin A Mon was invited to Latin Billboard Awards in Miami Florida.

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Hand Drums

In 2004 he rebranded his company (ATV Recordz ) or ( ATV ) with a new business partner rapper graphics designer and legendary Austin producer & song writer Alexis “Big Swole” Camacho, 

Abstract Structure

together they created a street team called the BB Nation that help promote market and sell product direct to the public. At this point the label was in full swing and begin to drop projects left and right fueled by street sales. ATV Recordz released mixtapes BBD Vol 1-5 as well as Resurrection of Texas, Supply & Demand , SBF Clique Key 2 City & Public Offenders Day Of Truth. The BB Nation included Big Chop, Angel Pimptalk 101, EAT, Ehyl, Eunique, DJ Echo, SBF Clique (Bone Head, Crawdaddy Versey & Lil Burn) Red Bull, Hustle, OD The Dynasty promoter Lil Mike Cin-A-Mon Half Back, Cap, Lil Mama, Public Offenders Da President, Blue Jay, Maximillian Dollars and a host of other artist to vast to name. The street team made up of artist would sell units all over the city but the main spot would be downtown 6th street. 

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Abstract Gold Stripe

By 2003 Albert began showing the noticeable signs of PTSD that was caused by his military service. In 2006 he sold his house witch also contained the recording studio. With the studio being sold Austin had lost an asset to the community that had been available for almost 15 years. In 2008 Albert “Madd Creole” Redeaux and Alexis “Big Swole” Camacho was signed to production contracts with platinum production company Carnival Beats/Universal Music Group and after that they signed production deal with Atlanta based Sammie Milhouse Shakehouse productions.

Rock Formations

in 2008 as the music business began to change and as Albert health began to get worst he re-connected with his former manager (Crazy Cee) to help him release his 2nd solo album title The Albert Redeaux Project. The album features the single Your Eyes featuring Albert's future wife Mia Redeaux who go's by aka name Mia Jaymes. Mia whom also has been in the music business as well as a professional dancer, model & Interior Designer. 

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Desert in Dark

In 2010 Albert was diagnosed with PTSD and began taking medications to help battle PTSD. In November 2010 Albert retired from the music business due to his condition and the medications that he takes. Currently Albert lives a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the entertainment business. Albert & wife Mia Redeaux have 5 kids and 2 grandkids. His 2nd oldest daughter is serving in US Navy.

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In 2012 Ms. Vanessa McQueen-Silas the general manager of the Millennium Youth Complex in Austin, Texas inducted Albert Redeaux into the Texas Music Museum for his contribution to hip-hop. In 2014 Albert and producer/business partner Big Swole were both honored by George Corbin with an Austin Hip-Hop Award.

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Special Thanks to Deshawn Washington legendary Art designer & painter for creating and designing my logo. Thanks to all the staff over the years, Carl Beal, "Alex Big Swole" Camacho, Shaunda Davis, Mary, CL, Bruce Hodges,  Interns, and if I forgot anyone we are truly sorry and we will update info as needed. God Bless.

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